Recent Incidents in Panchkula, Chandigarh & Mohali

Case Study 1- Heart Patient  
One of our clients in Sector 8 recently had severe chest pains whilst at home; our paramedics arrived within minutes to administer medical care before transferring him to hospital. During the emergency journey to hospital He was kept comfortable and under observation using the cardio equipment that is available in all Global Securex ambulances.  The patient was safely transferred to staff at the Alchemist hospital, Global Securex were able to provide the hospital staff with vital information on the patient’s medical history as well as a report on the cardiac incident. The client has now undergone by-pass surgery at the Alchemist.

Case Study 2 - Abdominal Pains
Our client in Sector 8 with pre-existing cardiac illness started vomiting incessantly in the middle of night with severe abdominal pain. The family alerted our medical team. The paramedic was next to the patient in no time. He assessed the victim on scene and the required immediate treatment was started then and there. Assuring the patient and the family and continuing the treatment he was transported to Command Hospital and handed over to a Physician in the Emergency Room. The pre-hospital care was documented and shared with the patient’s physician. The patient is discharged after appropriate evaluation and treatment and is back to his normal life.

Case Study 3 - Gas explosion and Fire.
It was a normal evening for a family living in Sector 6, until their gas cylinder in the kitchen exploded. Global Securex teams arrived at the scene, successfully carried out the rescue operation and took control of the emergency situation. The paramedics immediately saw to the family members who had injuries caused by the explosion while the security team put out the fire in the kitchen and made things safe. Remarkably, our teams were able to treat all the casualties in the household on site without the need for transferring anyone to hospital. Every member of the family was checked for any injury and then treated, after such a shock; it’s reassuring to know that professional help in an emergency like this can make such a difference.

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Global Securex has started "street clinics" to help local children living rough in the area...

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Some of recent Incidents in Panchkula, Chandigarh & Mohali.

Case Study 1- Heart Patient
One of our clients in Sector 8 recently had severe chest pains whilst at home...

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