Emergency Services

Emergency Services
Our Medical & Security service include:

1. Security Alarm Systems

An integral part our solution is the installation of sophisticated Alarm Systems using cellular technology. Our unique technology allows your alarm to communicate with our monitoring stations regardless of landline disruption, weather and above all external interference.

Alarm System Components:

  • Control Panel - This intruder alarm control unit is suitable for home and business security alarms. A backup battery housed in this unit will keep the alarm running during power cuts.
  • In-built Cellular dialler - vitally this allows communication with our monitoring centre.
  • Motion Sensor (PIRs)- Respond to movement and warm bodied objects. Available as standard, pet friendly, quad and anti mask versions.
  • Door Contacts - Surface, flush, heavy duty, patio door and roller shutter contacts - suitable for intruder alarm systems in homes, shops, offices, factories and warehouses.
  • Glass Break Sensor - Detects high speed drilling and glass breakage in home and business security alarms.
  • Panic button - Essential, these push buttons allow portable, easy and quick requests for help in an emergency.
  • Necklace Medical Emergency Button - an easy to wear, light, small and easy to use pendant, allowing quick access to emergency help.
  • Internal Siren - self-actuating siren, tamper proofed with battery backup and is very loud.

2. Regular Monitoring

Monitoring your health and your home through our alarms is a crucial part of our service.
To provide maximum peace of mind to you, all Global Securex protected personal homes are continually monitored at our 24/7 monitoring centres. Every activated alarm is received and instant action is taken by our Quick Response Teams (QRT), Medical emergencies and Security emergencies are both dealt with in-house by our teams. Global Securex offers constant care 365 days a year providing peace of mind through protection for your family and property. Help in an emergency is what Global Securex is proud to offer.

3. Response Teams

Our dedicated and fully trained teams respond reliably and rapidly to safeguard your family, your home and your business.

  • Medical Teams Global Securex medical teams are fully qualified professionals. Our paramedic staff are certified to International standards. Extensive training ensures BLS & ITLS, this coupled with our ongoing training and support means Global Securex Paramedics are reliable, capable and equipped with in depth knowledge and skills. Additionally our ambulances are fitted with sophisticated technology and tools, this combination of highly skilled paramedics and fully equipped International standard ambulances are critical in the saving of lives in a medical emergency. Our company doctors provide additional support to Global Securex paramedics - to maximise appropriate care with an efficient response when time is of the essence.
  • Security Teams Global Securex security teams are carefully checked and vetted for suitability. Our high expectations and continuous training ensures loyal, reliable and competent teams. We have an International aspect in our approach to service and security matters are of the utmost importance, Global Securex offers a timely response to your security worries in an emergency. At the touch of a button our Security Teams with access to firearms and body armour can be dispatched for your protection.
All Global Securex Teams are monitored from our control centres using video and GPS technologies.

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